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Workshop Series

 Interconnecting natured-based workshop series, from foundation to the key elements. Our workshops are designed to ignite love, connection and appreciation within nature eductors and to provide the tools, skills and confidence to use nature as our learning environment. 

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Know Why, Know How


The foundation course will provide learners with a deep understanding of the benefits, history, theoretical and pedagogical knowledge of nature education for children, while creating connections with their own purpose, drive and personal “why”. Learners will discover “how” to successfully establish and operate their own nature education program infused with kiwi culture.


The Risk Element

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The RISK element will focus on risky play, the benefits and how to assess and manage risk effectively. Learners will develop practical skills in some “risky” experiences and will work through various risk scenarios to identify learning opportunities and minimise injuries. Learners will gain a strong understanding of how holistic development, free movement, and the 5 domains of self-regulation are experienced through nature.


The Connection Element


The CONNECTION element aims to promote, celebrate and enable connections with our unique natural world in New Zealand. This workshop focuses on the rich and rewarding relationships we can develop within our nature education settings; with tamariki, kaiako and whanau and how we can create a community of learners that truly nurture childhood and its innocence. Learners will learn how to interweave cultural practices and sustainability into the curriculum so that our future tamariki grow to be kaitiaki of our unique New Zealand culture and land.


The Creativity Element


The CREATIVITY element dives into the changing educational landscape and the unknown or unpredictable futures faced by our tamariki. We learn about 21st century learners and the skills that can excel in a nature education environment; how learning from nature experiences can transfer in real world skills such as problem solving, creativity, adaptability, and innovation. This workshop helps us to reconnect with our own creative flare (whether you think you have it or not), recognise the beauty of nature’s own creativity and learn how to nurture children’s unique creative strengths.

The Discovery Element


The DISCOVERY element aims to promote and celebrate children’s natural curiosity and way of exploring the world through a lens of awe and wonder. We will take a step back into this space to reconnect with our ability to appreciate a world of firsts, experience a state of “flow” and be in our “element”. This workshop encourages you to promote discoveries about our natural world even if you aren’t an expert yourself and gives you tools and advice to foster a thirst for knowledge and understanding of how the natural world works.

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