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How-to guide ~ Nature Crown

Transform into a Nature Queen/King and let your creativity flow with a simple Nature Crown craft activity using natures taonga (treasures) and some repurposed items found around the home.

We are all creative, whether you believe it or not. This is one of the key messages within the "ELEMENT THREE ~ CREATIVITY WORKSHOP". To be creative is to involve the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. That something doesn't necessarily mean a piece of art to hang on the wall, a song or a stage performance. Creativity comes in many forms and may be identified in your lives as strategic thinking, planning, story telling, humour, cooking and problem solving just to name a few.

Some people feel the pressure when creating something tangible, and put pressure on themselves to create by pulling inspiration from someone else's creation, which as a result shifts the brains focus to the end result, the product rather than the process. It is the process of creative projects that if you allow, can have positive effects on the brain and its ability to fall into a state of flow. In this state of flow you are fully present and accept your own creative abilities as your own. You apply what you already know, drawing from previous experiences, and use trial and error to test and adapt, learning new creative processes, strengthening neurological pathways in the brain, and increasing the ability to be more present and mindful.

Follow my step-by-step photographic guide to making your own Nature Crown. Enjoy the process, fall into the state of flow, and create a beautiful crown that is unique to you.

You will need

~ Wire, coat hanger or headband to use as the frame for your crown.

~ String, twine, wool, twist ties or garden wire to fasten your taonga to your crown. You could also use a hot glue gun, but i'm being conscious of the additional plastic use here.

~ A selection of natures taonga (treasures) at your selection. Here I have used, driftwood, twigs, fern, flax, seed pods, hydrangeas a selection of autumn leaves and some sunflowers which were added last minute as my creative flow peaked with inspiration.

Step One.

Make chosen frame material into a loop the size of your head. Twist wire over each other so that you have spaces to push your foliage into.

Step Two.

Begin to attach foliage by twisting and pushing in between the wires to hold it secure.

Step 3.

Attach any larger treasures using a simple lashing. Think of the the stick or object as the body of a stick person and the frame/wire as the arms. Tie the string to the arms then move the string in a repetition of around the back, over the shoulder, across the chest, over the shoulder, under the arm, across the stomach, under the arm and again over the shoulder, repeating the process until secure. Finish by using a basic knot to tie each end of the string together.

Step 4.

Continue to add additional foliage, placing wherever your imagination and creative flow desires.

Step 5.

Fiddle & Refine, adding final details and pops of colour (if you wish). Autumn provides us with some amazing rich and warm colours which I encourage you to get out and explore.

Step 6.

After some adjustments to fit your head, take it for a twirl around your garden and get someone to take some light hearted photos of you. I would love to see your creations too! Please share your creations or even your process by tagging us on instagram ~ @good_natured_education or FaceBook ~ Good Natured Education.

If you would like to receive more inspiration & insights where I aim to ignite love, connection & appreciation for nature, click the link below to subscribe to get them straight to your inbox!


Morgan 🥰 🍂


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