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Element Four: Discovery

The DISCOVERY element aims to promote and celebrate children’s natural curiosity and way of exploring the world through a lens of awe and wonder. We will take a step back into this space to reconnect with our ability to appreciate a world of firsts, experience a state of “flow” and be in our “element”. This workshop encourages you to promote discoveries about our natural world even if you aren’t an expert yourself and gives you tools and advice to foster a thirst for knowledge and understanding of how the natural world works.



Experience a professional development workshop in a natural, outdoor setting (Walking the talk). Be surrounded by like-minded learners in a supportive, reflective environment where educators engage in co-operative learning approaches using a mixture of theoretical and practical, hands-on learning.


Coming Soon!

By applying a lens of awe and wonder in this workshop, we reflect on moments of discovery and learning about the world around us. Our group will share moments of either their own or a moment witnessed, of awe and wonder. We will talk about how to be present and responsive in the moment and how to allow ourselves to get into a deep "flow" and find our natural "element" where you personally thrive. This workshop teaches us that we can all be experts, without all the answers and shows us how to plan responsive to the seasonal and weather changes. We will take a look at respectful and sustainable exploration, planning to minimise our footprints as well as learning some techniques for pest control. This workshop has a strong focus on the physical natural world, all that is living and the science behind how it all works. It gives the learner practical experiences that help them and their tamariki take a closer look at nature, to develop a love, connection and appreciation for the natural world.


Feel inspired and motivated while engaging in 5 hours of small group learning set in nature with a shelter available for protection from adverse weather. (No rain will stop us!). Enjoy a tasty shared lunch, locally sourced and prepared with fresh seasonal produce. Get access to related Good Natured downloadable resources and join the online community of learners hui platform. You will receive a certificate of completion and we will personally contact you for a follow up chat/consultation to see how you are getting on with your journey, with a discounted on-site consultation option available.


Complete this Element and receive discount to complete the remaining Elements Workshops or choose to book individual workshops from the Elements Series. 


Learners will take away their new skills, knowledge and confidence to complete some recommended tasks to reinforce the learning and encourage learners to apply what they have learnt to their practice and their own settings. 

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